INDODAX Review, Wallet, Features, Strengths and Weaknesses

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Thedailytechtalk — INDODAX is one of the crypto pioneers in Indonesia which is often the first choice for investors and traders who want to buy cryptocurrencies / cryptocurrencies, Wallet Review, feature, advantages and disadvantages its reputation is very good so it is included in the ranks of the best crypto applications in Indonesia.

What are the features available in this service. The advantages or disadvantages that need to be considered. From the experience of using it for several years, the following is a complete review of INDODAX.


The largest crypto trading platform in Indonesia, legally named PT Indodax Nasional Indonesia. INDODAX is used by at least 2.7 million users with more than 190 digital assets traded. This platform has branch offices in Jakarta and Bali. quoted from investbroid.

INDODAX security, legal status and officially registered with BAPPEBTI as a physical crypto asset traders. In essence, INDODAX is not a scam. This can be a financial investment platform that is able to provide a more reliable security guarantee. You can trade or invest more calmly and confidently.

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INDODAX’s achievement as a crypto asset marketplace is also quite promising by being the best number 4 in the world, competing with big platforms such as Binance and Coinbase. Its biggest rivals in Indonesia are Tokocypto and Rekeningku.

INDODAX aims to provide more service and support for its users. It is proven by the presence of services in website versions and mobile applications that can be installed on Android smartphones.

INDODAX is commonly used as a bitcoin wallet, or other crypto/cryptocurrency in Indonesia.


Wallet Bitcoin INDODAX

A Bitcoin wallet or wallet is a place where you can store your Bitcoin balance safely and efficiently. There are various kinds of Bitcoin wallets that you can use and install on your PC/Laptop, smartphone, tablet or in the cloud. Quoted from indodaxcom

To create a personal INDODAX wallet, you can visit special sites that do provide Bitcoin wallets such as: Blockchaincom, Hive or BitGo.

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