Here’s How Jasa Raharja Boosts Revenue Growth

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PT Jasa Raharja is committed to continuing to optimize income in line with the increasing activity and economy of the community after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jasa Raharja’s Finance Director, Myland said, one of the ongoing efforts is optimizing the Mandatory Contribution (IW) and Mandatory Contribution (SW) income sectors.

In addition, Jasa Raharja will also optimize Jasa Raharja’s internal system to maximize investment activities through the implementation of Liability Driven Investment.


“This is one of our efforts to continue to encourage the company’s growth,” said Myland in a written statement Wednesday (7/9/2022).

Jasa Raharja admitted that he was intensively giving appeals to encourage public awareness, especially motorized vehicle owners, to re-register their vehicles.

In addition, Jasa Raharja, the Police, and the Ministry of Home Affairs, who are members of the National Samsat Development Team, also continue to encourage the public to comply with paying motor vehicle taxes (PKB), through the implementation of Article 74 of Law No. 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation.

“This is done so that motorized vehicles can operate on the road safely and comfortably,” added Myland.

As is known, with these various efforts, Jasa Raharja was able to score a positive performance during the first semester of 2022 by recording a net income of Rp2.99 trillion.

“This net income grew 2.71% compared to the same period the previous year,” he explained.

Myland said that the increase in income in the first semester of 2022 was supported by an increase in Mandatory Contributions and Mandatory Contributions by a total of Rp. 84 billion, or a growth of 4.24%, as well as an increase in investment income of Rp. 121 billion, or a growth of 32.06%.

In terms of capital, Jasa Raharja also experienced an increase of 2.43% with a risk-based capital (RBC) ratio of 735.37%, an increase of 9.29% compared to the previous year of 672.84%. Meanwhile, in terms of equity, it also recorded an increase of 2.96% compared to the same period last year

“That means, the efforts we have made have a positive impact on increasing revenues and strengthening the level of the Company’s financial health,” said Myland.

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